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Steel Repair Services

Some of our Steel Repair Services Include:

  • On-Site Repairs – We have a mobile team available on call to fix any damages such as staircases, balconies, handrails, gates and any metal work.
  • Security Grills and Fencing – Whether it is your commercial or residential property, our repair services will fix your damaged grills with extreme care. You can get your grills completely remodelled to offer additional security and lessen the chances of damage.
  • Truck bodies and trailer repairs – we specialise in repairing aluminium steel truck bodies. We can also build new truck trailer bodies.

The Problems with Steel Structures

Open framed steel structures are susceptible to corrosion. This damage can be caused due to environmental factors and the chemicals that they are exposed to. Other causes of damage include improper maintenance or assembly, abuse and neglect. To replace these structures is a huge strain on one’s wallet and highly impractical in terms of the effect it will have on the work, which is why repairing them is a much more feasible option.

Industrial steel structure repairs possess certain risks, which calls for a certain amount of precaution. Some of the common repair techniques include:

• Reassembly of parts
• Component replacement
• Galvanizing components
• Temporary support
• Welding
• Bolting
• Painting and other coating systems