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We can create custom balustrades from simple wrought iron designs to stunning full detail pieces such as:

  • Balustrade Gates – swing, sliding gates or  electric, remote controlled gates
  • Balustrade Fences
  • Balustrade Staircases – spiral staircases, single spine staircases, cantilevered staircases, outdoor staircases  and indoor staircases
  • Balustrade Balconies
  • Security window grills
  • Hand rails

We ensure use of only high quality materials that can undergo tough construction processes and remain durable despite years of use. Also, our collection of high strength raw materials like steel, wrought iron, brass, stainless steel and aluminium provide maximum backing and support to both indoor and outdoor constructions.

Balustrades enhance your homes architecture and furniture while being unique, highly durable and easy to maintain unlike any other material.